Sunday, October 9, 2011

Journal 2 - Join the Flock/Enhance Your Twitter Experience (NETS-T 1)

Ferguson, H. (2010). Join the flock. Learning and Leading with Technology, 37(8), 12-15. Retrieved from

The article Join the Flock, by Hadley Furguson, introduces readers to Twitter, a social media tool, and describes its functionality in the context of education and the classroom. In the article, Furguson describes her own experience with getting involved with Twitter, and how it impacted her career as a teacher. Furguson gives the reader step-by-step instruction on how to create a Twitter account, how to best present oneself to the Twitter population, and how to become exposed to specific kinds of information made available by other members of Twitter. She describes the different levels of visibility and exposure, and the benefits of each level. Furguson goes on to explain the various way in which Twitter has benefited her as a teacher and her classroom.

Q - How can Twitter help new teachers be better equipped to effectively teach their students?

A - New teachers are perhaps the best candidates for all of the resources Twitter has to offer. New teachers have neither the experience nor the confidence to know where to seek out useful resources or how to ask questions when they are unsure of themselves. Twitter would allow new and prospective teachers to tap into streams of educational resources without ever having to ask a question or feel embarrassed. New teachers could find ideas for their lesson plans, online resources for their students, and ideas for issues that may arise such as classroom management and student-teacher connections.

McClintock, S. (2010). Enhance your twitter experience. Learning and Leading with Technology, 37(8), 14-17. Retrieved from

The article Enhance You Twitter Experience , by Shannon McClintock Miller, discusses how Twitter can enrich an educator's experiences in their career by introducing them to other educators around the world and to many new resources simply through common interests. Miller describes some of the many tools that can help someone who is new to Twitter organize their account and feeds such as TweetDeck and HootSuite. She also defines much of the terminology that has evolved in the Twitter world.

Q - How can Twitter help an educator teacher his or her students about appropriate internet behavior?

A - One concept that has evolved in the Twitter community is "Twittiquette," the idea of appropriate behavior while utilizing Twitter. A teacher who incorporates Twitter into his or her lesson plans and classroom also has the opportunity to teach children what is considered appropriate behavior on Twitter and other social media networks. Using appropriate language, protecting one's identity, and being aware of the information made available to one's online network are all important internet-safety topics that can be addressed with the help of Twitter.

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