My Crossword Puzzle

NETS-T II:  This Excel crossword puzzle creates digital-age learning experiences by providing students with an interactive activity that utilizes a commonly used software application and asks students to analyze clues and answer questions.
Using Microsoft Excel, I created an interactive crossword puzzle. Formatting cells, utilizing conditional formatting, and adding notes for clues to the words are a few of the tools I used to customize my puzzle.  

Crossword Puzzle Clues

J2 Down: The name of the place Jack discovers on his walk after Halloween.

H4 Across: The name of Jack's ghostly dog.

G11 Down: The young lady who sews her arm back on and helps save Jack.

H12 Across: The name of the town that Jack and his friends live in.

C14 Across: Jack's last name.

C14 Across: Jack's last name.

F22 Across:The type of king that Jack has been named.

P11 Down: The villian

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